Live Monarch Butterflies
With Free Butterfly Release Boxes

  • 1-2 dozen ........ $99 per dozen
  • 3-7 dozen ........ $94 per dozen
  • 8 + dozen ........ $89 per dozen
  • Additional single monarch butterflies are $8.25 each
We make every effort to ensure that our butterflies arrive alive and healthy. We have formulated special methods so that the butterflies are exercised, fed, and inspected prior to shipping. We do fully guarantee our butterflies and will match prices with our competition whenever possible.

Individual Butterfly Packaging
Butterflies will arrive in the selected packaging ready to be released.

u Standard release boxes 

    included at no extra charge with the purchase of live butterflies


These simple, yet stylish, boxes are designed to keep the butterflies safe in shipping while providing a great way to release the butterflies. Butterflies are carefully packed and prepared in these boxes at the farm so that there is nothing you need to do once received.

u Designer butterfly release boxes

    $1.35 each 

The Designer Release Box™ is an individual release box designed with a little extra style and elegance.  These boxes are made of quality card stock with a silver-colored band.  The box locks together with a butterfly shaped latch. Butterflies are carefully fed, inspected, and packed in each box prior to shipping at no extra charge. This box includes custom personalized printing at no extra charge with purchase of 20 or more.

u Personalized printing 

    $.50 per box

Personalize your individual release box with two lines of special printing. For optimum print size and visibility, we recommend first names and wedding date. Minimum order of 20.

Mass Release Packaging
Butterfly transferring is required approximately 2-3 hours prior to release.
Full transferring instructions are included. Butterflies are sold separately.

 u Viewing cage (holds up to 8 dozen


     $24.95 (Special price with the purchase of 2 dozen or more butterflies)

This unique pop-up designed cage is our most elegant butterfly release cage yet! Found only here, this cage allows for quick and easy setup with no assembly required.  The viewing cage is perfect for the display of the monarch butterfly, but also works great as a way to release the butterflies. Dimensions: 13" x 13" - cage holds up to 8 dozen butterflies.

 u Small Box (holds up to 1 dozen).........$19.95

 u Medium Box (holds up to 2 dozen).....$21.95

 u Large Box (holds up to 3 dozen).........$23.95

These boxes were designed for those who would rather release the butterflies all together "in mass" rather than individually.  Perfect for the "surprise" butterfly release or as a gift. Each box has a glossy white exterior secured by an ivory Midori ribbon. (Additional shipping charges may apply for large orders.)

Shipping Charges
All live butterflies for release are shipped in specially-designed insulated containers to keep the butterflies alive and fresh. Our methods of packaging and shipping have been proven over many years of experience in shipping live butterflies from our network of butterfly farms. We ship all packages via FedEx Priority Overnight delivery and guarantee that they will arrive alive, healthy, and in time for your event.
FedEx Logo
 u $54.00 for weekday delivery of butterflies.
 u $69.00 for Saturday delivery of butterflies.
Additional shipping charges may apply for large orders.

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