wedding butterfly releases

Live Butterfly Release - Experience the joy, beauty and magic of a live butterfly release at your wedding or special event. For over a decade, we have been providing live monarch butterflies for weddings, funerals, memorials, and all sorts of events. With over 10,000 satisfied brides, we are committed to your satisfaction. For more detailed information about our live butterfly releases, please visit the Butterfly Release page.

Pricing - Due to years of experience growing live monarch butterflies, we are able to keep our prices low without any compromise to quality. Please see the current price list on this website for the latest pricing information. In addition, we will match our competitors prices when available. If you find a lower price for the same quality product, please let us know and we'll make all possible efforts to match those prices.

Quality - Many companies offer the smaller and inferior performing painted lady butterflies because they are simply easier to grow. Our live monarch butterflies are twice as big as the painted lady butterfly. However, our approach is to not compromise on quality just because it's easy. Our scientifically proven and tested rearing methods are your assurance that you will receive live, healthy, and vibrant monarch butterflies for your wedding.

Shipping - All live monarch butterflies are shipped in insulated containers with ice packs to keep the butterflies alive, fresh and healthy for your event. We ship all packages via FedEx Priority Overnight delivery and guarantee that they will arrive alive, healthy, and in time for your event.

Packaging - Our butterfly release packaging is unique and will not be found anywhere else. We offer a variety of packaging for our live butterflies ranging from elegantly designed individual release boxes to our mass release boxes and cages.

Guarantee - We stand behind the quality of our products and expect you to be completely satisfied. We guarantee that you will receive live and healthy butterflies in time for your event or your money back. When placing your order, you will receive this guarantee in writing.

Favors - We also have an assortment of butterfly themed wedding favors in addition to garden theme wedding favors and educational butterfly products. Please click on the banner below for more information. Or, if you are interested in a special selection of handmade seed paper favors and stationery, please visit our sister site at